Together with XXS we made a film as part of Decathlons new campaign called ‘Go Try’. During a 2 day shoot, we filmed people going against all sorts of prejudices, filming 11 different sports to stimulate people to Go Try more and not be afraid of the pressure we all feel to achieve immediately. 

Client - Decathlon
Agency - XXS
Director - Rutger van Leeuwen
1AD - Jurre Wieten
D.O.P. - Douwe Hennink
1AC - Justus Engelbracht
Executive Producer - Daan Dagevos
Producers - Anne de Boer, Isa Schouw
Editor - Jits Vlaar
Music - Vincent Paolo Corputty
Grading - Erik van den Heuvel
Voice-over - Shamiro van der Geld
Soundmix - Jaap Wajer
Fotograaf - Rein Kooyman

Behind the scenes