YoungCapital - Work & Dream
We spend a wonderful day with kitesurfer Kevin Langeree in Noordwijk. YoungCapital is his new sponsor and asked us to follow Kevin during his training for RedBull King of the Air.

Perla - Ode to coffee
Coffee is so much more than just a hot beverage. We shot this serie of videos for Perla to celebrate everything coffee has to offer.

Napapijri - Vivaldi Four Seasons
We had a lot of fun working for Napapijri. We shot with four producers in four different cities and every producer created their own interpretation of Vivaldi’s famous piece “Four Seasons”.

Absolut - This is our House 
Chuck Roberts isn't remembered for being a great philosopher who could look into the future and tell us what we could expect. He is remembered for being a great vocalist, however Chuck was able to send a message across the globe three decades ago. A message that is still very relevant today. 

ETQ - Clothing label
The sneaker brands first adventure into clothing needed a raw video to introduce their new products. The video references to the 80’s style concrete parts of Amsterdam.

Sauza - De Nachtwacht
De Nachtwacht is a video series we created for Sauza Tequilla. It documents the nightly adventures of groups of friends in and around the city.

Dio - Music videos
Over the years we have created a few music videos together with Dutch artist Dio. For us this always is the perfect opportunity to showcase different styles and try new things.

Sef - Hoogtevrees
Working with Sef is really inspiring, he pushes people to see things in a different way. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to make and it suited us perfectly.

Glen Faria - Zij Weet Het 
When we heard  “Zij Weet Het” we knew we had to make an extraordinary video to accompany the track. When the opportunity came to shoot the video in South Africa, we knew what to do.

Audio Obscura x ADE
Audio Obscura organized an event during ADE at one of the most unique locations of Amsterdam; the bicycle tunnel at Rijksmuseum. We produced the trailer and aftermovie.

The Amstel Hotel
In collaboration with agency HBMEO we created an artistic video celebrating 150 years of elegance of the famous Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.​​​​​​​

Jäger Haus Party
For these series, Jägermeister challenged us to get people excited to enter a contest to win their own house party. We decided to throw the best one ever.

Tastees sells t-shirts with your favourite food on it. This initiative was set up in order to collect money for the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

Veloretti x ADE
The past two years Veloretti contacted us to create the trailer for their ADE Clubracer.  This year we decided to build a construction combining a pick-up truck, a crane, a Movi and a camera.