Since ’88 is a production company offering film and photography services, founded in 2012 by director Nick Harmsen and producer Daan Dagevos. We make work that does not feel commercial but does have a commercial impact.

This is because we strongly believe in not simply showing the product, but creating a world around it. A beautiful, raw and colourful world! This all adds to our main goal: to make films that people keep looking at because they want it.

We combine our own in-house directors, producers, photographers and editors with talented freelancers from all over the world. The freelancers we work with all have a personal visual identity that meets both the Since ‘88 style and the level of quality we want to portray in the films we make.

Daan Dagevos
Executive producer

Ingrid van Ginkel
Managing Director

Yanna Panagopoulos

Fabian van der Hulst